Anthroposophical Meditation - Courses in English

How do I come into a meditative deepening that connects me to my own spiritual source?

In this course we will become familiar with Rudolf Steiner`s approach to meditation which meets the western mind quite differenty from many forms of meditation originating in the east. The work always involves a heightening of consciousness, becoming more awake through the focus on an object, an inner picture, or a text before releasing this and seeing what "wants to happen". This has a very rejuvenating and empowering effect. The aim of this introductory course is connecting to your higher self. For this we will do many different exercises, always followed by a sharing of our experiences. On Saturday afternoon we will go out into nature and practice perceiving the elemental beings at work there.

Many people would like to make meditation a solid part of their daily life. Meditation is a fundamental souce of nourishment for body, soul and spirit. But this is not easy if you are on your own with it. Agnes Hardorp and Thomas Mayer have been offering courses in meditation for over 14 years in order to help people overcome their obstacles.

In the course we aim to find the „eye of the hurricane“. In meditation you find a place of inner quiet. You become centered and enlivened. Meditating regularly helps you with the challenges of everyday life. The constant inner dialogue and the worries that circle around in your head stop. Essential things come into focus. In meditating you arrive deeply in the home of your own soul and wake up to subtle, supersensible spheres. In the course we explore many facets of meditation and do many types of exercises so that each person can find their point of access.

Agnes Hardorp was born in Hamburg, Germany and grew up in the United States. She has worked as a professional singer, voice teacher, pianist and eurythmist. For the past 14 years she has been teaching courses in Anthroposophical Meditation all around Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Austria

Thomas Mayer was born in Kempten, Germany. He was co-founder and director of „More Democracy“ and has organized many local referendums in Germany. He organized a referendum in Switzerland called „sovereign money“ that was voted on in 2018 regarding the question of who should have the right to create money, private banks or public institutions? He has published three books on elemental beings/nature spirits. For the past 14 years he has been teaching meditation together with Agnes.

Feedback from participants:

Christoph: „Your work enlivened and refreshed me and showed me a way back to the anthroposophical roots I had painfully left many years ago.“

Annette: „ I want to heartily thank you again for the wonderful dense seminar that brought everyone very close. I found a new loving connection to meditation and think I will be able to stick with it better now.“

Daniela: „ The last seminar fell for me into a time of great questions and insecurity about my job. Since then everything has turned out the best possible way and I knew, already during the weekend that your seminar, the people I met there, the experiences and the assistance from the spiritual world that had become possible had much to do with this development.“

Ruth: „The weekend has warm and good resonances. I was particularly touched by your didactic method that with great empathy leads step by step into ever greater depths.“

Irene: „ What did I learn in the meditation schooling?
My life became more structured through meditating. I am more conscious and feel more connected to what wants to become. The sharing of experiences in the group is very enlivening right into my life forces. I notice more and more how I am guided and my questions are answered. My sense of self has transformed from wanting to understand the world to feeling embedded in becoming. What was important to me? The bringing down of Anthroposophy out of intellectuality into the heart.“

Anthroposophical meditation - course description

     How do I achieve a meditative deepening that leads me to my own spiritual source? In the course the focus is on finding the "eye of the hurricane". We learn to center ourselves and to wake up on more subtle, spiritual levels.

     The course consists of practical exercises and subsequent sharing of our experiences. We work from the basis of Anthroposophy given by Rudolf Steiner who wanted to reconcile science, art and religion. Steiner saw meditation as the one activity where the human being is truly free, where he can make himself into a vessel for spiritual perception. The method consists in going through form and content before giving these up, it is quite different from most eastern inspired forms of meditation in this respect. The idea is always to become more awake, more conscious than everyday consciousness. This has been found to be one of the most therapeutic things one can do for oneself. It has ripple effects all the way down into the mundane aspects of life. These become ordered in a new way, obeying more directly the laws of one`s higher self. This is truly empowering and invigorating too.

     We want to make meditation practical and attractive. Our course addresses both beginners without prior knowledge as well as people with experience. The exercises consist of concentration on objects, contemplation of sentences and texts, visual meditations, backward review of the day, perceiving the aura and the chakras. The goal is to facilitate a regular meditative practice and to give an experience of the different approaches to meditation so that everyone can find his or her own entry.

Why courses about anthroposophical meditation?

     In anthroposophical circles one is generally left alone with the question of meditation. Everyone knows how hard it is to do simple exercises over a longer period of time. Even though Rudolf Steiner clearly placed meditation at the center of spiritual development, our inaptitude is often glossed over in this domain. It is one of the least practical and most difficult to grasp aspects of Anthroposophy. To get a grip on it means to build an instrument with which to experience the spiritual world directly and to have your own spiritual experiences. As modest as these might seem in the beginning, these are nevertheless the heart of anthroposophical work. We want meditation to become so attractive that a day without meditation is perceived as a day with a tangible void.

     Meditation is the heart of the anthroposophical path of schooling. The whole of Anthroposophy originates in meditative, spriritual research. In meditation, one can develop the spiritual organs of perception that are necessary to experience spiritual beings. The human sheaths become ennobled and spiritualized through meditative exercises practiced over a long period. This leads to a more harmonious configuration of soul and more equanimity which acts beneficially on the surrounding social community. Without the progressive capacity to perceive angels and demons that work in social communities, we will in the future not be able to form a healthy social life. All of world evolution hinges on human beings being able to realize their cosmic role. In meditation we want to connect to the inner side of the world, we want to mingle with the whole world.

     Many want to meditate but don`t succeed alone. With regard to anthroposphical meditation one finds almost no help, no exchange of experience, no trainings, hardly any courses. Whom can I talk with about how to meditate? What are the prerequisites? Which experiences can I have? What life experience is necessary that I progress in my meditative life? Which fears come up? How can I come to a diversified experience of the different spiritual regions and which trials do I encounter? If everyone just practices alone at home, there is great danger of getting stuck and giving up. On the other hand, exchanging ones experiences, receiving help and motivation, can release new energies and open up paths.

Other aspects of our courses:

Eurythmy brings us into movement and enhances the meditative work.
Connecting with elemental beings in nature
We generally spend the afternoons outside to connect with nature spirits and the etheric world through different methods developed by geomants. Today most people have more abilities than they are aware of.

The Alexander technique
The Alexander technique frees the neck, connects one to the surrounding etheric space and helps sustain a good body posture during meditation. We work on it as a group and Agnes will give those interested one on one sessions.

Rudolf Steiner about meditation:

     Rudolf Steiner`s great deed was to never dismiss thinking but to salvage the real treasure that thinking gives us when we pick up the reins ourselves and are not just "having" thoughts or "being" thought. Steiner`s own words in chapter one of "Knowledge of the Higher Worlds":
     "This tranquil contemplation must become a natural desire of life for the esoteric pupil. He must develop a living feeling for this peaceful activity of thought. He must learn to love what streams to him from spirit. Soon he will stop finding this world of thought as something less real than the everyday things that surround him. He starts treating his thoughts like the things in space. And then the moment nears where he feels that which reveals itself to him in quiet contemplation to be much higher, much more real than the things in space. He learns that life speaks through this world of thought. He recognizes that thoughts are not mere shadows but that hidden beings speak to him through them. Before only his ear received tones. Now it tones through his soul. An inner speech - an inner word - opens up for him. The pupil feels blessed in the highest degree when he first experiences this moment. An inner light is poured over his whole outer world. A second life begins for him. The stream of a godly, a blessed world pours through him. Such life of the soul in thought that ever grows to a life in spiritual being, Gnosis and occult science calls meditation (contemplative thinking). This meditation is the means to supersensible knowledge. Through such meditation a complete transformation happens in the occult pupil. He starts to form new concepts about reality. All things attain for him a new worth."

    "When one begins to meditate, one accomplishes the only really free deed in this human life... we are completely free in this. Meditation is the archetypal free deed."  Rudolf Steiner (GA 214, 20.8.1922)

The course leaders

Agnes Hardorp was born in Germany in 1959 and grew up in the United States. She became acquainted with the work of Rudolf Steiner at age 17. She has been active as a singer, pianist and eurythmist. She has a Masters Degree in History. She was able to deepen her meditative practice at a special spiritual place called "Bonfin" in Southern France, enabling her to do the work she does now.

Thomas Mayer was born in southern Germany in 1965. He is co-founder of "More Democracy", an association to further direct democracy or participatory politics, particularly through the vote of referendum. He has lectured widely on the subject of regional currencies and initiated pilot projects to introduce these. He was also co-director of the "Omnibus", an organisation that involves a bus travelling through Germany to promote the above mentioned goals. He always drew from his meditative life to sustain and direct him in this work. The aim in each case is empowering people, each one of us, to make a difference in the world. He is author of a book about elemental beings.